Joe Rogan Experience #1567 - Donnell Rawlings & Dave Chappelle

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Donnell Rawlings is a stand up comedian, actor, and podcaster. His podcast, The Donnell Rawlings Show, is available on NOpost and most podcast platforms. Dave Chappelle is a stand up comedian and actor. Look for Chappelle's Show now streaming on Netflix. @Donnell Rawlings

Anthony Nucci
Anthony Nucci 2 minutter siden
Atleast they're having a discussion on the rise of communism
Question Mark
Question Mark 4 minutter siden
Every time I hear Donnell say "son" all I think about is "Oh shit, it's Wayne Brady, son!". 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lex Zack
Lex Zack 5 minutter siden
Donnell is annoying as shit uh? constantly trying to be a victim!
Koy Goddess
Koy Goddess 8 minutter siden
Donnell is high. Lolol...Nice.
Has Tar95
Has Tar95 11 minutter siden
holy fuck Dave is on Jre
Toriano Joe
Toriano Joe 15 minutter siden
Tell me why the beginning of this podcast sounds like a dankmemes
Adam Vanderwarf
Adam Vanderwarf 20 minutter siden
Dave comes into the room like “SQUAAAAD” 😆😭 when u haven’t seen the homies ina minute man
Mubarak Widaa
Mubarak Widaa 21 minutt siden
Anyone notice this episode went offline for a couple of hours then came back? couldn't find it this morning, 2:07:00 LMAO!!!
BREED BRED 23 minutter siden
Man just missing Charlie Murphy smh😢
anthony des
anthony des 25 minutter siden
Please get Akala on here!
Roc_Official 28 minutter siden
Take a shot everytime he says “SON”
Evan Nguyen
Evan Nguyen 28 minutter siden
I love donnell but gotta get Dave in here with joe one on one, really looking forward to that
pootwiggs 37 minutter siden
Dave shows up late @2:20:00
Don Ridilini
Don Ridilini 38 minutter siden
2:09:45 where tf is dave lol....cant believe i stayed 2 hours lool joe gtfoh
Jean-Didier MK Malou
Jean-Didier MK Malou 43 minutter siden
Adam V
Adam V 47 minutter siden
Talk about someone complete stuck into and enamored by RACE. This guy.... everything is race-based. Talking about "white people wanna do this, black people do that".... Joe is just like... "i dont know what color he was".... for all the fucking idiots he is telling Donnell I DO NOT FUCKING CARE, STOP MENTIONING IT. But the Black community has been taught to remain stuck on "race". So here you have it.
paul martinez
paul martinez 48 minutter siden
A. M
A. M Time siden
Get Donnell some Elk Joe.
Vicflash Time siden
rawlings is toomuch jive talk shit. Not worth joe listeners time.
Damageinc Time siden
Commercials man. Sheesh ruins such a good thing.
Jared Rikoshae
Jared Rikoshae Time siden
Donell’s a racist. Thinks I’m black and white. It’s sickening.
Chriz Luxio
Chriz Luxio Time siden
2:21:55 Why Joe look like that, tiny T-rex arms
Shane Powell
Shane Powell Time siden
100% right on the deer meat gotta cut the tallow out it won’t freeze in the freezer
undert8er Time siden
The coffee shop Dino's in Yellow Springs that Donnell mentions used to be my dad's health food store back in the late 70's early 80's. I saw Dave in Yellow Springs walking in the alley next to the grocery store, gave me the fist bump.
KeepItBasement Time siden
Samuel John
Samuel John Time siden
Kristen Stewart shared her opinions on straight actors playing gay characters, saying "It's a slippery slope conversation, because that means I could never play another straight character." :
N. Hill.
N. Hill. Time siden
joe buttering up daves friends, to get to dave.
Steven Pennell
Steven Pennell Time siden
Much respect for Dave, can't stand Darnell at all
jay 2100
jay 2100 Time siden
Kind of fitting the last podcast was dave. An end of an era. Fuck spotify
Sean Beads
Sean Beads Time siden
Rogan is condescending towards people lower than him, like Donnell but never higher, lige Dave
N. Hill.
N. Hill. Time siden
joe: mariajuana is semi-legal here dave: well i'm semi-criminal 🔥
King K
King K Time siden
I’m from the future is JOE ROGAN Muslim yet
John Kramer
John Kramer Time siden
What happened to Tom Green's episode?
Cool Beans
Cool Beans Time siden
Dave “prized comedian, actor, poet, philosopher, farmhand, smoker of weed, and inheritor of sheer big-dickedness” Chappelle
Frankey MARSH
Frankey MARSH Time siden
Really....we are promoting bubbles now ?? Living in a bubble ? Hell no Covid is overrated.
Jarron Norum
Jarron Norum 2 timer siden
Listened to River - Leon Bridges high on acid and I am now forever changed.
william nilliam
william nilliam 2 timer siden
Miss you guys in the comments
blaqmarc 2 timer siden
It would be dope if Charlie Murphy were there too
william nilliam
william nilliam 2 timer siden
This is the end, Beautiful Friend. This is the end, My only friend, the end
Captain Crozier
Captain Crozier 2 timer siden
@2:28:15 This dog come from a long line of being cold. - Dave 😅
Andrew Zaat
Andrew Zaat 2 timer siden
"Look for Chappelle's Show now streaming on Netflix." Description might need an update, yo.
NasWTF 2 timer siden
Dave Chappelle starts at 2:21:27
palliar d
palliar d 2 timer siden
and what are the chances it was democrats or republicans? It was more likely chinese or russian shenannigans. Dominion voting bails on all their locations and disappears? What's up yo?
Bronwyn Green
Bronwyn Green 2 timer siden
Petition for Joe Rogan too apologize too a brilliant comedian that he harassed because of immaturity.
palliar d
palliar d 2 timer siden
You should have crowder back on to talk about details with the voting.
M W 2 timer siden
Comedians talking philosophy... coronavirus, politics.... after watching i feel 💯 percent dumber! 🙄
noahevanm 2 timer siden
propoetide 2 timer siden
It ended here
Austin Christopher
Austin Christopher 2 timer siden
Not a fan of the podcast on Spotify. No comment section, I'm having issues with playback, and it's ad after ad. I'm not paying a penny extra for something that's been free for years.
Kris S
Kris S 2 timer siden
really not a fan of the implementation on spotify. The video screen is either too small or full screen, there are no comments and it's just generally doesn't seem as intuitive to use. A fan of the podcast and already subscribe to spotify but i definitely don't prefer their implementation.
Eddyy 2 timer siden
Bro what happen to Joe rogan on NOpost, 😭
No Mames
No Mames Time siden
@Eddyy both
Bruce Atkinson
Bruce Atkinson 2 timer siden
Thats disappointing. Time to find a new podcast.
Eddyy 2 timer siden
@No Mames is it video or only audio?
No Mames
No Mames 2 timer siden
It's officially on Spotify now sir
Daniel Creacy
Daniel Creacy 2 timer siden
I am STILL trying to finish this damn episode. Can't get a solid few hours to finish it.
rimraf 2 timer siden
“People are freaking out because Biden appointed a senior adviser who has ties to fossil fuels” “...but is he black?”
Ken Burke
Ken Burke 3 timer siden
One evening, many shaves ago, after some beers and a piece a pizza, was born 🍕🤷‍♂️
Ecks Three
Ecks Three 3 timer siden
I can't work out if this guy is a troll or takes himself seriously lol
Joshua Earls
Joshua Earls 3 timer siden
I don’t know about y’all but I don’t get my burger cooked past medium well. Medium if preferred.
grid reeves
grid reeves 3 timer siden
No Mames
No Mames 2 timer siden
Abrielle Dunn
Abrielle Dunn 2 timer siden
Seriously what the heck!!!
Gordon Rowe
Gordon Rowe 3 timer siden
Please dont go Joe i dont want 20 mins of commercials
No Mames
No Mames 2 timer siden
Cancel your Apple music
Bilbo Baggins
Bilbo Baggins 3 timer siden
This may be the last youtube jre podcast :/
Aztophaois Ezekiel
Aztophaois Ezekiel 3 timer siden
Spoiled! Speak for yourself! Covid19 is a bullshit power grab.
Do Martel
Do Martel 3 timer siden
Chappelle's show is no longer on Netflix.
Luke Savage
Luke Savage 3 timer siden
goodbye youtube comment section
Long Johnson
Long Johnson 2 timer siden
Fair well 🥺
Do Martel
Do Martel 3 timer siden
Donnell, never again. Fuck.
Adrian Ramirez
Adrian Ramirez 3 timer siden
What happened to the recent podcasts?🤨
The Zefside
The Zefside 3 timer siden
STOP DELETING THEM JAMIE NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saiayin Coby
Saiayin Coby 3 timer siden
Yooo we're missing like 20 episodes of the last couple months
Sampragya Agarwal
Sampragya Agarwal 3 timer siden
He did it!
Robert Jozefiak
Robert Jozefiak 3 timer siden
Does anyone else think that watching this podcast on Spotify sucks? They haven't gotten their video streaming platform together yet. It's slow, glitchy, unresponsive. Awful. Wish Joe stayed on NOpost.
Abrielle Dunn
Abrielle Dunn 2 timer siden
Yes please
JOE GREEZY 3 timer siden
40 minutes in, hoping this isn't the SJW Dave
Jay R. Rees
Jay R. Rees 3 timer siden
Why are the playlist archives suddenly all private. Can't access them.
TheDjembeallday 3 timer siden
You are a joke Joe Rogan, bring back all the episodes to youtube! Fuck spotify!
pedro dasilva
pedro dasilva 3 timer siden
Donnel is so fucking funny unintentionally
palliar d
palliar d 3 timer siden
1:45:23 it ain't 99 official with lawsuits open. I'm not a fantatic about this. I don't think it will necessarily switch a state, but there's some shady stuff. I want whoever won to win! Just do it right.
The Timestamps Guy
The Timestamps Guy 3 timer siden
I miss you guys already! Im still timestamping though! You can find my timestamps on Google. 😀
Long Johnson
Long Johnson 2 timer siden
I will miss you.. forever
all-in Javi Méndez
all-in Javi Méndez 3 timer siden
Where is the Spotify comment section of the JRE's?? It doesn't exist does it? I can't find it..
Two Masta
Two Masta 3 timer siden
No . Spotify is considering one but they don't have one yet
The Timestamps Guy
The Timestamps Guy 3 timer siden
0:00 Intro hits 0:11 Its on now! 0:15 Leon Bridges 1:22 Neck scarfs 2:15 *Donnell was shot!* 5:22 Respect the fact that I got shot! 5:52 Being appreciative 7:05 The pandemic 7:36 The governor of California got caught 8:14 Bubble situations 10:07 Getting tested 12:40 Dogs & breeding 18:25 Steak preferences 21:12 White people & blood 22:37 Joes condescending about meat 37:16 Discipline & Goggins 45:52 Fake news 51:00 Famine & feast thinking 59:22 The future government 1:06:44 Voting fraud 1:09:49 Covid treatment 1:16:30 The River Ninja 1:24:43 Gifts for Joe 1:34:12 The Pandemic 1:39:37 Bill Burr 1:49:29 No evidence of voter fraud 1:58:27 The drug war 2:06:41 Trump 2:12:17 Profiling voters 2:20:03 *DAVE CHAPELLE ARRIVES* 2:21:00 Austin Texas 2:21:28 Joes club in Austin 2:21:54 Joe is gangster & finding a way 2:22:57 Daves shows & getting criticized 2:24:00 Dogs 2:29:38 Dogs understand speech 2:30:00 *DONNELL KNOCKS A CAMERA* 2:30:23 Dave will return & Elk meat 2:32:16 Donnell can cook 2:37:06 Meat talk & Elk 2:43:36 Donnell speaks Korean 2:47:01 Dave learned Spanish 2:48:44 Korean Air & Korean culture 2:51:36 The Korean Military & older people 2:52:33 Biden being old. Trump & the elderly 2:55:03 The cold & Alaska 2:57:13 Fishing & sushi 2:59:30 The vaccinne 3:03:28 The lockdown debate 3:08:38 Pandemic talk 3:11:55 Wealth & Joes life in Texas 3:15:46 Joe, Dave & Donnell touring 3:19:09 Drones 3:23:23 Goodbye & Donnells plug *Consider subscribing to see these easily on your timeline*
Hassaan Abdus-Saboor
Hassaan Abdus-Saboor 3 timer siden
Where did the last 4 podcasts go? Was trying to pick up where I left off...
Hassaan Abdus-Saboor
Hassaan Abdus-Saboor 3 timer siden
@Two Masta that's what I thought but wasn't sure, I figured the ones that were already on here would have stayed I didn't realize they would have taken the last few ones off, thanks for the confirmation
Two Masta
Two Masta 3 timer siden
Spotify exclusivity beings today
Fuquas Perspective
Fuquas Perspective 3 timer siden
Why the fuck did he delete the newest 3 podcast
Two Masta
Two Masta 3 timer siden
Spotify exclusivity begins today.
AJ sdla
AJ sdla 3 timer siden
I watched this at work and I work at Chic Fil A and now I’m suspended
dom d
dom d 3 timer siden
Harold Fishman
Harold Fishman 3 timer siden
Well fellas it’s been real. The JRE comment sections were always the best. There won’t be no more JRE episodes on NOpost anymore as all went to Spotify. Never thought this day would come....
Aaron Sunil
Aaron Sunil 3 timer siden
Damn , I was here since day 1
twojstary 3 timer siden
Since i work from home I get more shit done in a month than I ever did in 5 years.
What happened why did they take Down the new episode
Jonathan Dishongh
Jonathan Dishongh 3 timer siden
@Rick they're asking why did that episode show up here THEN get deleted .. you didn't answer the right question...
Rick 3 timer siden
Moved to Spotify. There’s a new episode on Spotify rn. This too will be removed from NOpost. Goodbye comment section
Dean Mackenzie bell, dmb
Dean Mackenzie bell, dmb 4 timer siden
No such thing as bad weather just inadequate clothing
Ecks Three
Ecks Three 4 timer siden
is it just me or is everything about colour with Donnell?
Julian Cahillane
Julian Cahillane 4 timer siden
The best bits of this entire show is Dave Chappelle. It's gonna be a serious show. Bring it on Dave. It's honestly going to be amazing.
Michael Ratcliff
Michael Ratcliff 4 timer siden
Anybody else feel like he shot his self
Colten Elder
Colten Elder 4 timer siden
Who else came here to leave a comment while waiting through ads on Spotify?
Colten Elder
Colten Elder 2 timer siden
@Rick I pay for Spotify and I never even started the new ep because I got tired of sitting through ads
Broken Games
Broken Games 3 timer siden
@Rick Spot and identify.
Rick 3 timer siden
Literally 4 ads in a row every two minutes.
againstthegrain91 4 timer siden
After the inauguration...This should be good after Trump wins a second term.
propoetide 2 timer siden
dem flying pigs
Epic Joe
Epic Joe 4 timer siden
What happened to all of the videos from the past week!? I was only halfway through the Whole Foods guy one...
Two Masta
Two Masta 3 timer siden
Dude ... It's been over six months of a heads up .. Spotify exclusive
Roe Jogan
Roe Jogan 3 timer siden
I was wondering the same thing. Looks like they were taken down
Square Planks
Square Planks 4 timer siden
It's not good when being on a podcast for 3 hours repells everyone away from your content and you as a person.
Chahat Sethi
Chahat Sethi 4 timer siden
Im so glad we have Dave Chappelle on the show. Please DO NOT have Donnel Rawlings on it again. He does not really let anyone else speak and disrespects the doctor. He should be called "Lil Trump".
Silverstone Publishers
Silverstone Publishers 4 timer siden
The Sweat follows the plight of a father and daughter, trying to survive a nationwide infection - rapidly desolating the British isles. For more information and to support the project, hit the link below and check it out!>
American ZeR0
American ZeR0 4 timer siden
Talking about the vaccine he says "who can't deal w feelin like shit for a couple days" Uhh you mean like most ppl who get the virus? If you scared stay home. Let the rest of us live our lives.
C P 4 timer siden
Dr. Michael Yeadon, the former Vice President and Chief Scientist of the company Pfizer (who supposedly just made a highly effective covid vaccine) says WE DON'T NEED A VACCINE to end this pandemic and we certainly DON'T NEED TO VACCINATE HEALTHY PEOPLE. I think this gentleman is more qualified than the greater majority of us, including NOpost Fact-Checkers, to make these statements. Why isn't this mainstream news? Because the major sponsors to the corporate-owned news are probably the drug companies that are involved in promoting vaccines, and they would pull their funding if the media reported this contradictory opinion.
Jesse James
Jesse James 4 timer siden
Joe wasn’t feelin Donnell today 😂😂😭
Jarrel Walcott
Jarrel Walcott 4 timer siden
Does anyone see the inferred time line between this podcast episode and the Instagram release of 'Unforgiven'?
deathwished13 4 timer siden
You can tell when Dave shows up based on when it starts increasing the ads. Called that, said I bet Dave shows up 75 percent in
Theodoros Georgitsis
Theodoros Georgitsis 4 timer siden
I miss you guys ...
FloresDeMayo—77 4 timer siden
Was Dave invited or he just happen to be around?? I hope he comes back!
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