What Will Happen to Trump After The Storming of the Capitol?

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This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience #1593 with Dr. Carl Hart. open.spotify.com/episode/4xMbq7gLEjFioOQ5gpSw2l?si=u9G2UCcAQa61M612MFlnqg

KB0parsi Time siden
Joe, you have no idea how your podcast, the I don't know if election had fraud in it sentences, have played a role in this thing. Buddy you have a large audience of those, who such attacked the capital.
Aaron Chustz
Aaron Chustz 6 timer siden
Geez. Are they implying that Dems are truthful? Since when any politician is honest?
Backyard Strong
Backyard Strong 7 timer siden
Honest question with all partisan shit aside. What’s the difference between pelosi Schiff and shumer screaming that the election was stolen by Russian and trump, Cruz and Harley saying it was stolen by whoever?
The Legend 27
The Legend 27 8 timer siden
Bruh the capitol was nothing compared to the BLM riots. Those burned down blocks, harmed thousands and cost millions
Chris McCarthy
Chris McCarthy 8 timer siden
Joe's never seen this before but 2020 was wrought with riots and looting and antifa and blm lol
Lloyd Thurston Dinwiddie AkA Gyant
Lloyd Thurston Dinwiddie AkA Gyant 8 timer siden
Oh how did that happen. I can’t!
Covid19 is COMMUNISM
Covid19 is COMMUNISM 9 timer siden
Joe " let all the illegals in just not in my neighborhood " Rogan
Redd BlaZe
Redd BlaZe 9 timer siden
Joe Biden stole the election you notty head ...4 yrs of investigations ...millions of tax dollars down the drain but no FBI or judge with hear the case of thousands of affidavits concerning this election ? ..that should concern anyone with a brain ! antifa . com was a JB campaign website with his face on it ... now, after the thief stole the election , it is a WH website ..explain that little "glitch! Them & blm have been torching & looting cities for months ..attacking federal buildings ..blinding people with lasers ... 1OOs of people injured ..cops killed ..old people beat up to .. etc etc ..no outrage from the " mainstream ..because they were mostly "peaceful ! 1OOs of thousands of people at the capital were from multiple backgrounds that wanted no part in those antics that took place ..most were peaceful protesters ..that's a fact and go listen to Trump's words in that speech if you want the facts ...he didn't incite any violence ...!
Veevee Archer
Veevee Archer 9 timer siden
Joe doesn't have the answers. Not even many good guesses.
Sam F
Sam F 9 timer siden
What did Ted Cruz Do?!?!? Really?!?!? He manipulated people and it lead to people storming the capital. He KNEW that the election was over and still contestes the election.
Andrew Holmes
Andrew Holmes 9 timer siden
So the bit about being peaceful seem to have been completely either forgotten or ignored.
Aldin Zorlak
Aldin Zorlak 10 timer siden
He threw them under the bus because us government is a 2 headed snake...this compares nothing what antifa and blm done to out cities all orchestrated by the democrats which are tyrant forces that dictate this country cia,fbi, joe rogan is with them hes their nut rag brainwashing mashine ...only thing is that they and joe rogan don't think we can see trough them
Master Youforia
Master Youforia 10 timer siden
Bruh this guy can't even talk
waynos gnger
waynos gnger 10 timer siden
The two hats of Rogan. The big comfy right wing, gun toting hat and his scratchy uncomfortable hat that keeps falling off to the left.
Fraydo GSsixfifty
Fraydo GSsixfifty 11 timer siden
Joe, " how did this happen?" Dude, You are better than this. Do you know how many of them listen to Your podcasts and felt entitled, seeing that you gave them a voice?
Elijah Walker
Elijah Walker 12 timer siden
shows you how easy the people can retake over this country if they want to. 1776 never forget what this country is and made by, the people.
GoDaniel10 12 timer siden
Aw, the dislikes must be the Trumpy snowflakes :(
J Galarza
J Galarza 12 timer siden
Dr Hart is very judgmental 👎 I wish he were more open minded
Bill Romanowski
Bill Romanowski 15 timer siden
Joe is a professional actor. Think
Brennan Eid
Brennan Eid 16 timer siden
Funny to me it seems like the other side are more assholes.
Anonymous 17 timer siden
*Who is funding Carl Hart?*
Anonymous 17 timer siden
*Carl Hart works with George Soros, how their drug promotion to destroy generations, is not considered treason is confusing?*
Glen Steinberg
Glen Steinberg 17 timer siden
Antifa riots ??
MASTER0FTHESUN 18 timer siden
This guy is a joke
Austin Cox
Austin Cox 18 timer siden
They've won.. and even you have repositioned yourself. I had a crazy amount of respect for you intill now.
Frank Rosa
Frank Rosa 19 timer siden
Worst guest ever!!!
Jophis March
Jophis March 20 timer siden
Kamala should face the same thing for her inciting all those riots...100% the same.
Rowan Melton
Rowan Melton 21 time siden
Joe always manages to connect it to drugs one way or another
Adrian Maldonado
Adrian Maldonado Dag siden
I wish Joe would of had this convo with Alex Jones. Nothing against this dude but I feel like Joe is holding back what he really wants to say lol.
Steve Dag siden
Carl, did you vote for Biden with dementia ?
Christian Melendez
Christian Melendez Dag siden
If this was a right wing guest this is a whole different Joe and a whole different conversation.
89RealThe 7 timer siden
@Sam F yeah I agree to both. I think Rogan is just more likely to agree with whoever happened to be the last person he spoke with. It comes off lazy and weak to me.
Sam F
Sam F 9 timer siden
That is my biggest issue with Roagn and why I have been watching him less. Unless the guest says something really outrageous, he is just a yes man.
Shayan Dag siden
What should happen to Trump? The same thing that happen to Xiden and camel, they encouraged riots through out the year.
Big Chill Theater Presents
Big Chill Theater Presents Dag siden
Rogan's "surprise" about how this got so bad fucking triggers me.
Tony Miami
Tony Miami Dag siden
gotta take a lie detection test to become a cop. Why not hook up politicians to lie detectors during debates.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Dag siden
Exactly, stand up for your wife bro! lol
Cody David
Cody David Dag siden
Joe Rogan
OZUndead Dag siden
Calling people names like a true yankee.
deeshmond Dag siden
Ahh yes now Joes on the left side. Amazing how easily he flips flops depending on the person he’s interviewing
Caitlin Thompson
Caitlin Thompson Dag siden
Joe, I feel ya on giving anybody a platform but dude, you allowed to much Alex Jones craziness to the point you were an influence. I'm an open minded person but you lost me with that sh*t. I still listen but with a sour taste.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Dag siden
regime at the time. (oh and all that mask stuff!)
Danny Krinkle
Danny Krinkle Dag siden
Those "folks"? Those CRIMINALS.
rohan patel
rohan patel Dag siden
Ok dislike which is rear on jre but it says enough of this idiot guest
Temptress of the Night
Temptress of the Night Dag siden
Lost all respect for joe un sub LOL
Mosquito in your ears
Mosquito in your ears Dag siden
Joe Rogan. I now know why people love your show. I think you might be the Johnny Carson of Podcasts.
Cooper Dooper
Cooper Dooper Dag siden
What were the people burning down the country this summer, Joe??? Screw you
Michael ONeill
Michael ONeill Dag siden
Russia gate...”these people should face criminal justice” Uhhh there was election manipulation. To what degree is the conversation. Russia gate = Q same coin opposite side
Mark Jackson
Mark Jackson Dag siden
Come on joe you’re better than this
Kidd Capone
Kidd Capone Dag siden
The problem is there is no longer a line people won't cross. There is nothing out of bounds. There is nothing too low. Not a place they won't go. Trump had no moral compass. His idea that winning is the most important thing has infected the entire party. Rules, ethics, laws, compassion, right or wrong, all of that is for the suckers. Win at all costs and seize power. If a foreign power wants to help you, accept it. If people want to fake evidence, let them. If everyone will agree to spread false lies, help them. If you divide the country, so be it. Men with honor like John McCain no longer exist in the Republican party. It's just immoral opportunistic piranha who think the country belongs to them...
Rich G.
Rich G. Dag siden
Stay woke Joe and Carl.
Oliver Page
Oliver Page Dag siden
Rogan just lost a lot of respect
Twenty twenty A
Twenty twenty A Dag siden
Hard to watch this when Joe has been literally fueling this shit with his trump fan base 🤣 “how did this happen?” LMAO jesus fucking christ dude
Fabian Ortega
Fabian Ortega Dag siden
This dude is a fucking idiot.
Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson Dag siden
How did it HAPPEN? Joe...YOU gave a platform to some of these people like Alex Jones! Meathead! You have been trash talking Biden and winking at Trump! YOU are part of the PROBLEM dummy!
themiddleplace Dag siden
has Joe been man enough yet to own his ludicrous past remarks about voting for trump over Biden and calling a journalist a 'cunt' just for trying to get the better of that corrupt regime at the time. (oh and all that mask stuff!)
Chris Tate
Chris Tate Dag siden
This guy is full of dangerous ideas. These violent (simple as he called it) people at the capitol were not responsible for their behavior because Trump incited everything? How would you like it if someone twisted your words, did something wrong, then you were held responsible for their actions? We need to realize what he’s actually saying.
Ashan Mendis
Ashan Mendis Dag siden
Wait Joe you thought Trump would be loyal to anyone It deteriorated because people like Joe lets trump off the hook Joe did you agree with Hillary that there are people in America that are deplorable Wait joe you support these conspiracies' when it your friend Alex Jones who says them
Albert Leung
Albert Leung Dag siden
wow, joe rogan just called half of america narrow minded idiots.. why did he move to texas again? he should've just stayed in california
Bigboishoter 9 timer siden
Lol rogan is a man of vast beliefs, that’s how we can have 3 hour interviews with basically anyone
JayHerrm 12 timer siden
He’s only in Texas to dodge taxes, like every other rich person and corporation going there. That’s why he moved to the most liberal place in TX.
That Girl
That Girl Dag siden
There was election fraud! That’s a fact. It doesn’t matter if you voted red or blue! Your guest is full of shit!
great ness
great ness Dag siden
It was antifa im starting to hate joe
Adam Soto
Adam Soto Dag siden
I love how quick joe is to call out antifa/BLM. But once its the right doing something. He’s super silent. This is legit like the only video he’s talked about the situation.
Derick Morgan
Derick Morgan Dag siden
Wow, fuck you Joe Rogan! From a "simple" guy in Indiana!
Hank Moody
Hank Moody Dag siden
We the people
Cowboy From hell
Cowboy From hell Dag siden
A real estate agent also got arrested. Geez joe had bad takes on this one lol.
Renee Santiago
Renee Santiago 2 dager siden
This is a Dr????
Renee Santiago
Renee Santiago 2 dager siden
Joe....don't you recall Maxine Waters and all those Dems telling ppl to go harass and BEAT UP Trump supporters ????
Emddie 2 dager siden
What is that chemical compound on his t shirt?
Harry B. Allsachs
Harry B. Allsachs 2 dager siden
Great guest!
NY Baller
NY Baller 2 dager siden
To all the trump supporters. Trump should pardon these peoples that storm the capital that supported him. Trump just left them hanging without any pardon. Hope you all wake up the following morning and feel stupid about it lol.
Nick Dagrosa
Nick Dagrosa 2 dager siden
Wrong! He gets impeached, never to disgrace us again.
Tom Servo
Tom Servo 2 dager siden
Trump said he would be with them
Chelsea Clark
Chelsea Clark 2 dager siden
Trump didn’t incite the riot. He was leading a protest and some idiots decided to riot. Just like the BLM leaders lead protests and some idiots decided to riot. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. You either believe BLM incited riots along with the left politicians/media and Trump incited a riot or you don’t think either leaders incited riots...if one is more questionable of inciting riots based on language and position than the other it would definitely be the BLM riots.
Nate SoFla
Nate SoFla 2 dager siden
Wtf. You kidding me "Dr."?
J Rag
J Rag 2 dager siden
The first thing he does as president is sign executive order to lift a travel ban. During a health pandemic. And to countries that have done us harm. Sure, lets let more people in the country right now... Oh wait, wasn't he part of the Administration that gave them the money and weapons? 🤷 ??
Luke Teel
Luke Teel 2 dager siden
7:50, there was no fraud?
Luke Teel
Luke Teel 2 dager siden
I'm confused, what did Trump say that was inciting violence or advocating an insurrection?
Geoffery Blevins
Geoffery Blevins 2 dager siden
If you lie enough to your country evinchly they will start to believe it
freedoms2010 2 dager siden
How is it that Drugs is always the center of all answers for Rogan ? People around him has to point this shit out. Its too much to often and always out of nowhenre.
Artie Mulford
Artie Mulford 2 dager siden
Joe’s political knowledge (for a person in his position) is embarrassing. I know he jokes about it, but still.
Hush Money
Hush Money 2 dager siden
Like ... a plane crash.
Bill Connor
Bill Connor 2 dager siden
Joe this isn't going to age well. You're coming off very uninformed and ignorant.
The Office
The Office 2 dager siden
Can’t trust Joe. His beliefs are like the weather in Texas. And fuck his guest too. Acting like he’s ‘above’ what they did in the Capital. As if all of us didn’t just go through a decade of black rioting.
Kman Kevin
Kman Kevin 2 dager siden
"what is spotify?" shrugs,, "guess this the end."
Charles Motloutsi
Charles Motloutsi 2 dager siden
Funny how Joe gave a lot of airtime to the conduct of the Black Lives Matters protests(with multiple videos with different guests) but in respect of the capitol,he is not even fully engaging on the issue.
Mathew Roesemann
Mathew Roesemann 2 dager siden
So the democrats, who protested the election certification of Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004, get a pass? Learn history you hypocrites!
Calmdown. 2 dager siden
how is rudy giuliani a coward, he single handedly took down the mafia. And ted cruz how's he a coward? not taking bribes?
Jodie-May Rose
Jodie-May Rose 2 dager siden
You have to be kidding me, Cruz and Hawley were objecting to electors just as Pelosi and so many other have in the last 20 years. Joe, we love you, but if you think all Trump supporters are simple..
Anthony Szabo
Anthony Szabo 2 dager siden
4years of democrats unrest lies now you all cry because of people are sick of it let the retards vote this 4 year of bus showed how crooked the media and the democrats are god help America
Thomas Walsh
Thomas Walsh 2 dager siden
Rogan praised BLM and Antifa looters all summer burning down America
buddinganarchist 2 dager siden
Dave Rubin defended it.
Twenty twenty A
Twenty twenty A Dag siden
Of course he did. That man sold his fucking soul to money
Ty 2 dager siden
Joe u supported trump tho?? U changed your entire interview lineup to bring in republican supporters with extreme views?
Johnny Bates
Johnny Bates 2 dager siden
Took Joe 3 years and 51 weeks to figure it out. And here he is acting like he knew it all along.
John Raines
John Raines 2 dager siden
He is trash..
EGstill85 2 dager siden
Look at all these tribal teardrops...get a hold over your emotions. If we’re gonna have to start building safe spaces for the tea party, USA chanters, can we just get rid of the classrooms and major in bachelors of face shouting with a double minor in science of group sobbing 😭
JesusIzAPunkRocker 2 dager siden
"these guys get arrested and you find out who they are. Guy living with his mom, believing Qanon conspiracies.... Those guys didn't have a king before." Oh Joe... They might not have had a king, but they had plenty of people willing to feed their delusions. In fact, you know a lot of em. Weird coincidence
Jus Living
Jus Living 2 dager siden
The guest is spot on about Trump
Tristan 2 dager siden
I have listened to Joe Rogan for 10+ years. But after the last few years, he has gone from a slightly Liberal, Progressive, Open Minded, DMT user who knows we are all one to becoming a conservative who supports right wing during the right wing's worse time in Modern history, while they show their true colors of racism and bigotry. As far as I am concerned Joe is no longer a role model or someone to support. And I am sad to say that but so it goes. The only constant in life is change, and stupid people.
DosEquisGuy3 2 dager siden
Ahhh yes another anti trump guest 🙄
Ben Murray
Ben Murray 2 dager siden
Mr Rogan distancing himself from his earlier position on Trump?
Elijah Walker
Elijah Walker 12 timer siden
most his viewers are trumpers.. OOOPS JOE DERP
Daddy shovel
Daddy shovel 2 dager siden
Which guy can China buy Trump or Biden that is why I liked and supported Trump. The news and the election were all paid for.
jawzzo 2 dager siden
create the biggest divide of the people to cause radical changes
2 cents
2 cents 2 dager siden
Thank god Trump and his Cult of Fake Patriots are gone. The whole world is sick of they ass!
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