JRE End Of The World #2
Steven Smith
Steven Smith 11 timer siden
she looks high on something, look at her Pupils xD
LLM 11 timer siden
Joe you're delusional. Nobody wanted Trump to fail. We kept hoping he'd step up. He never did, including right up to RIGHT NOW where he hasn't yet conceded the election of which the outcome was clear 3 weeks ago. Joe, if you can't even state yourself that Biden won the election at this late date, YOU are feeding the problem. The election IS resolved.
John Lee
John Lee 11 timer siden
2.4 million views in less than 24 hours and still not trending, but Paris Hilton is, alright NOpost..
COSTA RICA TRACKS 11 timer siden
It will not fly.
Sebastian Garcia
Sebastian Garcia 11 timer siden
If I see Snowden on the street I’ll definitely take a picture with him. Of course if he wants cause you know.
Jordan Christopher
Jordan Christopher 11 timer siden
Seemed like Joe was annoyed at donnell every now and then. Joe’s a professional and has mad patience lol
euro snuke
euro snuke 11 timer siden
I love how jamie laughs in this one
LJ Gillet
LJ Gillet 11 timer siden
Are they talking podcasts off of NOpost? Wtf?
Tech Trek Trick
Tech Trek Trick 11 timer siden
Joe is in love with Jocko
Andrew Beatz
Andrew Beatz 11 timer siden
I am same as him so Hard to live like that
Obaid 11 timer siden
Mike “Listen” Tyson
Darth_ Dub_
Darth_ Dub_ 11 timer siden
I had 6 of these in my watch later and 4 were made private videos before I got a chance to watch them. Bad form Joe, and I just came back to your channel too.
Oceanum Fortuita
Oceanum Fortuita 11 timer siden
Petition to have Joe Rogan in GTA 6! chng.it/jNVLYwHYGk
Demitri Thrash
Demitri Thrash 11 timer siden
Yo. Dons right eye at 1035. Y'all see that ?
Pedro Gordinho
Pedro Gordinho 11 timer siden
Sometimes I wonder if people like Graham saw the mysterious cities of gold when they were young. :)
Jake Godfrey
Jake Godfrey 11 timer siden
Donnell is straight up hilarious. He needs his own show.
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 11 timer siden
I'd like to know how he hacked the virtual reality that we are living in.
michael villagomez
michael villagomez 11 timer siden
Into the mind of a Flat Eather is what this is.
Randy Brady
Randy Brady 11 timer siden
In this podcast: they get a dog high
Adam Armstrong
Adam Armstrong 11 timer siden
I was a radio operator and I would imagine with the secrecy of what he’s talking about the uhf radio they used would be encrypted so no country or person would be able to listen and all the radios use frequency hopping to prevent just that so unless he can read like 70 frequencies a second then there’s now way he could have seen that frequency.. I believed everything he said up until I watched this twenty time and realized that
Marvin Sannes
Marvin Sannes 11 timer siden
I wish he'd get ask if he's a "limited hangout"
Dimetime thompson
Dimetime thompson 11 timer siden
DeezFannyPack 11 timer siden
1:31:35 just hit me like a truck.
random stuff
random stuff 11 timer siden
Anyone else found they can't watch the JRE on spotify for free because an advert blocks off the episode list?
Minonian 11 timer siden
Hurt one of us and...
Brock Taylor
Brock Taylor 11 timer siden
got at lil awkward there 2:29:26-2:30:23
Jonathan Soko
Jonathan Soko 11 timer siden
Rogan feels sympathy because he too is a thumb
Greg Lialios
Greg Lialios 11 timer siden
Officer: How much weed is on you right now? Wiz: Yeah yup, hahahaha
Mr2 Reviews
Mr2 Reviews 11 timer siden
14:49 My theory on how we obtained those crafts; the men behind the curtain (gov or third party private individuals) cut a deal with the aliens. What did the men behind the curtain give in return? Human lives (all those mysterious disappearances that David Paulides talks about in his Missing 411 books). The only catch is, the aliens didn't give a manual. We have to figure it out on our own through reverse engineering. By the looks of things, doesn't look like we made much progress. I hope it was worth all those dozens (hundreds or even thousands) of lives.
1970 H
1970 H 11 timer siden
Kanye is a musical genius! The only problem is, He knows it.
Seth Yellin
Seth Yellin 11 timer siden
#GoVegan #VaccineAwareness #Centrist #RichDadPoorDad #Agnostic #AstralRealms #FearMongering #LeftRightFascism
Schuyler Haussmann
Schuyler Haussmann 11 timer siden
love that substrate theory from elon, goes well with eastern spirituality
No Longer Human
No Longer Human 11 timer siden
"That's what we signed up for." This man is a patriot.
Mistake Central
Mistake Central 11 timer siden
This podcast made me realize that ben shapiro isn't as crazy as I thought.
Pirty Denis
Pirty Denis 11 timer siden
Could some of these ancient megaliths be the actual biblical arks? Sheltering people from the comets and resulting flooding?
Greg Lialios
Greg Lialios 11 timer siden
Who just watched Snowden on Netflix
Erfan Doom
Erfan Doom 11 timer siden
Why JRE's episodes with Sam harris is considered private videos? I'm not able to watch'em
Julia J.
Julia J. 11 timer siden
I think those 18k dislikes are just people from the future who see upside down 😌😌
Tech Trek Trick
Tech Trek Trick 11 timer siden
Eric would be a great instructor for 90% of all college courses
Gustav 11 timer siden
WTF Why is the other Graham Hancock videos getting privatized?!! DONT HIDE THIS GREAT INFORMATION
Nut Sack
Nut Sack 11 timer siden
Nac Yin
Nac Yin 11 timer siden
Is my is my mother goose club out.
Objective Reality
Objective Reality 11 timer siden
Fauci: CO2? The solution is easy, let's just kill everybody.
James M
James M 11 timer siden
It's really annoying to have smart people complain about lockdowns when they know no one followed them in the first place. I know so many anti maskers and it won't hurt me-ers and you know what, so do Chappelle and Rogan. So kudos on the extra disinformation when 4500 died between Nov 24-25. Hell the day this was posted 1900 died. Please go fuck yourselves. USA would love to go back to normal, except there are tens of millions of Americans that don't have the intellectual capacity to wear a mask.
William Dalton
William Dalton 11 timer siden
needs to get bald and bankrupt on
shriguhan shivakumar
shriguhan shivakumar 11 timer siden
least we are more smart than youtube's AI but GOOOOOODDDD Elon is creeping us out
diperman 11 timer siden
All new and the private video of jre will be free to listen and watch on spotify exclusive😀
Objective Reality
Objective Reality 11 timer siden
Joe doesn't realize it is estrogen that makes him lose his hair.
Shamus Obi
Shamus Obi 11 timer siden
if youre wondering why this is the last podcast, you need to go to spotify to get the new ones
Dildo Saggins
Dildo Saggins 11 timer siden
Still the sexiest 5 head around.
moon raker
moon raker 11 timer siden
Watch this at 1.2 speed. Elon talks too slow imo
KRAZO G 11 timer siden
Now Elon Musk needs to come on the pod and confirm what AJ was just talking about... Hopefully in Fkn English... Alex is just fkn everywhere ... Hard to keep up wont stfu .. Way too much information in this mans head. + Why tf have that dillin guy on here joe??
Gareth Jones
Gareth Jones 11 timer siden
I'm not sure what to believe tbh
Turd Furgeson
Turd Furgeson 12 timer siden
It's just an extreme version of Christianity
Bass OG
Bass OG 12 timer siden
Dave @ -1:04:15
His Holiness Pope Julius II.
His Holiness Pope Julius II. 12 timer siden
Listening to Elon is always very different form any other person.
NV615 12 timer siden
Theo tries so hard not to be racist lol
Gary Williams UK
Gary Williams UK 12 timer siden
Fake news was used hundreds of years ago
Elijah _ Skatelife
Elijah _ Skatelife 12 timer siden
You’re a dick now joe ever since you moved to Texas
sam smith
sam smith 12 timer siden
Cj (Boston)
Cj (Boston) 12 timer siden
why was this privated for like a couple hours lol
Romars202129 12 timer siden
Elon is secretly taking over the country, isn't he?
Gabe Grau
Gabe Grau 12 timer siden
Joe u gotta try and do a podcast with john mayer
Teeple 12 timer siden
Bet this episode disappears soon enough too. Joe you suck.. can’t believe even Eddie bravo episodes are gone... why???
Karl Johnson
Karl Johnson 12 timer siden
YO spotify SUCKS! Why are my only options full screen and barely visible?
little Mike
little Mike 12 timer siden
Man fast forward 1 year. And talk bout going to the movies with covid 19.
Rima Mukherjee
Rima Mukherjee 12 timer siden
Imagine Joey as a young car salesman in Boulder. "This model has tilt steering so your lady can suca la mink, and heated seats to keep her monkey warm."
The Ferrous Life
The Ferrous Life 12 timer siden
Words just fall out of Kanye's mouth. I feel bad for him because he has no idea.
Daddy and Bella
Daddy and Bella 12 timer siden
Snowden is so full of himself...
Kris Heady
Kris Heady 12 timer siden
Hey joe! Hope you actually read your comments or at least someone relays this to you. You are so blunt and real. Everything about you screams Joe is the realist. Hopefully next time your in the Tampa bay area or St.petersburg you can swing by Rococo Steak again. We would love to have you in our presence and obviously deliver some fantastic food brother!! Hope to hear or see you soon! A huge fan! Kristopher H! :)
Cmdr Slayeriser
Cmdr Slayeriser 12 timer siden
By far my favourite guest on the Joe Rogan Experience!!! Come back to this every once in a while and still blows my mind 🤯🤯🤯
jayschneib 12 timer siden
When you were talking about attention being organic around 11:00 mark he just quickly puked words all over you and moved on. I think the attention seeking should be organic more
Daniel Prendergast
Daniel Prendergast 12 timer siden
aww it's so cute that Alex has brought his notes to the Joe Rogan show lol
Rima Mukherjee
Rima Mukherjee 12 timer siden
thank you for your wisdom brother
Selah Dubb
Selah Dubb 12 timer siden
A voice of reason in this flipped reality we live in now, ready for Jordon to get back on JRE soon!
They call Me Rain
They call Me Rain 12 timer siden
I came back here to cleanse my soul.... It's December, the end of 2020. And I'm watching this masterpiece. Also I go back to that episode with Eddie bravo and Alex Jones
Rima Mukherjee
Rima Mukherjee 12 timer siden
Man the patience joe displayed through this video was remarkable.
northy Land
northy Land 12 timer siden
Do the right thing and quit twitter and join Parler. I did!
Q0RXi 12 timer siden
Alex is a big friend i wish i had
Adam b
Adam b 12 timer siden
U can take them back dont fuck with soy lol funny shit don ant know what to say for a sec